Thursday, July 22, 2010

My baby turns 8 today!

We had a very early morning today so that Isabell could open some presents from us before going to OSHC. Last night DH & I put up a few of the decorations we had arranged for the big party tomorrow!

The Banner that I made came from the amazing templates sections at Ruffled Blog.  Even though this is a wedding site - their DIY Projects and Wedding Templates can be transformed and used for any entertaining.  Oh and check out the real weddings - all drool worthy!  Enjoy

Isabell was very impressed with the selection of gifts she received from Mummy, Daddy and her sister Lillian.

Lillian got her some Sea Monkeys, something she has wanted for ages, and DH & I got her a great little Pink Ball Clock Radio with iPod Dock - so cute, a Meccano remote control robot to build and play with - purple of course and her first Bakugan (sp).  Now this one I was not too sure about, but she is always talking about them and showing me in the toy catalogues!  Such a tomboy, but still my littlest girl in so many ways.

I hope she is having a lovely day at school - I know she is very excited about her big party tomorrow! 
Check back later for more details on the Alice In Wonderland Adventure!



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