Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Alice In Wonderland Partie Decorations & Games

So I promised I would share what I got up to with the DIY decorations for Isabell's Party so here goes;


Firstly I used an old packing box (moving every 12 months does have some benefits) and roughly drew then cut out a "tea cup".

Then gave it a coat of white paint, added a few outlines and voila:

Using a bit of Blu Tack we stuck this to the front of a bucket, lined the kids up and gave them 5 tennis balls.

Each child took turns at trying to get the tennis balls in the bucket, they had one minute each and they had to bounce the ball off the back wall and into the bucket! 

This was hugely successful, especially with the boys who were very competitive!


For the centre pieces we wanted something that was a bit on the gawdy side, but nice and bright!  This was achieved by spray painting some empty beer and softdrink bottles, and a few bunches of flowers from the $2 shop!

The finished product can be seen in the photo's from Isabells Party in an earlier post.


To fit in with our tailored mis-matched feel I got some bottles of VERY brightly colour Bubbles from our favourite $2 Shop - aren't they just lovely!!!

Measure the height of the bottle and cut some strips of patterned paper

Use a bit of double sided tape ...

Wrap around the bottles ...

Add a ribbon to hold the bubble wand and you have some pretty cute "Beautiful Bottles of Bubbles"

Now doesn't that just look sooooo much better!

That's enough for today - don't forget to drop in a the Jones Design Company and check out Emily's great Summer Giveaway!

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