Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Disappointed with "Eclipse" but loved "Predators"

While the kiddly winks were away having their Tropical Holiday with the Grandies - DH & I had a couple of "Date Nights". For those that know us they will know that we live at the other end of the country from all our family, and because we move often (ie every 12 months) we don't know anyone that we can leave the girls with, not that we mind too much - we love spending time with our darlings, but occasionally we would like to have some "us" time. So while they were away we did - what a hoot!

We strolled up "The Parade" in Norwood, did some window shopping (DH indulged me!)had dinner at a great Thai place one night and an awesome Italian Cafe another night. We also caught a couple of movies.

I enjoyed reading the Twilight Saga books and so far I haven't been disappointed with the movie versions - but - seriously Eclipse was a total let down! Now if all you were interested in was the looking at Edward and Jacob half dressed, then this movie would not be a let down, however, other than that - it really did not have a lot going for it.

Having said that, I think that Eclipse was the weakest of the 4 books so I wasn't expecting too much, but still I walked away thinking that I had wasted my money!

On the other hand we saw Predators and I was surprised with how much I enjoyed it! I don't really go in for too many of the gorey action flicks,and secretly I have been scared of Predator since the first movie, but this one was OK! The storyline was pretty solid (if not totally fictional) and the acting was above par for your standard action film. I was interested for the entire movie and didn't even have to close my eyes when the Predators were doing their thing! If you get a chance - check it out, you too may be pleasantly surprised.


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