Tuesday, June 29, 2010

End Of Financial Year

Can not believe that we are here again - running around trying to process a million and one invoices/dockets etc to ensure that everything is in the right year! Such stress - then the accounting system we use at work crashes, yep - it certainly did pick the worst day of the year to fail us! Still not working, but we are working around it!

I'm back ..

A few years ago I feel in love with the whole blogging concept, I have a little blog called " Nic loves to scrap ", then I discovered typepad, which I thought had a lot more to offer than Bloger. But it has changed soooooo much now ... and being that I am a bit of a techno phobe - I have decided to can my old blog " Isalian " and return to the kinder land of blogger!

So here I am!

This is so much easier for me to update and use and it won't be a chore to infiltrate cyberspace with my inane dribble daily!

See ya!