Thursday, December 06, 2012

Michelle Bridges 12 WBT and Me (long post)


Its been ages since I have been here!

I have missed blogging, but the little prompt I need to get back in the "Saddle" so to speak has come from a totally unexpected source!

Michelle Bridges!

OK so lets take a little step back to the beginning ...

In the last 10 years I have slowly, but with much enthusiasm put on a stagering amount of weight.  Its been fun - lots of wine, lots of beer, lots of amazing food, lots of stress and not much exercise at all!  See I said it had been fun!

Then ... just before my 42nd Birthday, in November this year, I went to put on my size 18 shorts and I couldn't do them up ....  WOW that was a mind blowing moment  ... I just couldn't get the button and the button hole to meet, it was like they were magnets opposing each other!  Now I could have gone down the mental track of telling myself that " they were new and this was the first time I had washed them so they must have shrunk" but they weren't new and I had washed them heaps of times before.  So even though I had used this excuse in my head on previous occassions when I was "going up" a size, I just couldn't do it this time! 

I sat down on the floor in the robe and had a little cry, not a big cry, no sobbing or anything, just a little cry.

I cried for my body and for me!  I no longer looked like the person I was, and the person on the inside was starting to change because of who I was on the outside!

Then ... my Aunty put a picture up on face book of me, my MIL, SIL, Cousins and herself at a recently family gathering ... I was so shocked at what I saw that I had another little cry.

Talk about emotional!

And my inside self said to my outside self that enough is enough and I need to move on!

So I did!

I signed up then and there for the Michelle Bridges 12WBT.

A friend had just completed the previous round and had lost a staggering 9kgs - she looked great, was getting really toned and was feeling so good about herself - she was a an INSPIRATION!

I was all set to go, the fact that Round 4 was starting on my Birthday seemed like some sort of message!

Then I slipped in the shower!  OOPs

My knee was really badly banged up, torn muscles, bruised leg, bruised ego - you name it, it was bruised.  So I spent the three days leading up to the start on my butt with ice packs as my new best friend!

Now in the past this would have been an excellent excuse to quit, to say I just can't do it - but my mindset had changed - I just didn't quit!

To date - 3 weeks in - I have NOT kept up with the exercise component of the program, its just to painful - but the pain is decreasing, I am walking more and slowly working up to it.

But the Food - well that is another story, I have loved the Food, my Family love the food and I am loosing cm's and kg's!  7kgs to date.

I love it!  Its not that hard, I am not starving, I am hungry from time to time, but I am having healthy snacks, and I am not drinking alcohol!

Each week we have a "surprise, like a challenge or task to complete - this week it is to nominate a blog - so I am going to nominate mine!  Not that I am looking to win the prize, there are soooooo many great blogs and bloggers out there who are documenting their journey with grace and good humour, but more that I use this as an outlet for me to document my feelings and experiences as I take this trip back to being me!

So if you want to come along for the ride, please feel free to hop on the Convergence Blog!