Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Countdown to Alice In Wonderland

I just cannot believe how quickly this has come around! Tomorrow Isabell will celebrate her 8th Birthday and on Saturday we will host her "Mad Hatters Tea Party" - please be praying for me as I cope with 12 energetic 7 & 8 year olds. Hopefully everything will run smoothly, a lot of time and planning have gone into this:

Table Decorations - done
Home Decorations - done
Games - done
Prizes - done
Favour bags - half done
Cake - half done
Costumes - half done
Food - half done

It is really just the last minute bits and bobs that need to be done.

We are going to a totally chaotic look with NOTHING matching - hopefully it should not look like too much of a shambles!

I will upload lots of pictures of the great decorations we have made as soon as the chaos is over! Wish me luck!


Further from my last post - I did it!

I will take a photo soon to share! I used a lovely teal blue colour on the frames and then "dry brushed" a little white on them to distress them slightly, the effect is very "beachie" and I love it. I added a little palm and updated the towels and it made such a difference - and the amazing thing is that the girls have kept this room neat and tidy for nearly a full week now! They both commented on how much they like their "new" bathroom!

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