Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend Childrens Bedroom's Makeover

So what is a girl to do ...  my DH was away this weekend for one of his RC Nitro Racing events (he place 13th overall for the Victorian State Titles - yeah Honey!), so it was just me and the two little ratbags.

Ever since we decided to stay in Adelaide for another year I have wanted to do a few things around the house to make it feel more like home and a bit more family friendly.  For a large house, the house we rent sadly lacks storage!  I wanted to get more storage into the girls rooms and ours and get the girls a new desk each and do a general face lift for each of them.

I have spent the last few weeks looking around for appropriate furniture that I could afford, eventually I settled on a few pieces from Ikea!

So the girls and I set off to Ikea early on Saturday morning, tape measure and designs in hand!  We ended up being there for 4 hours - OMG how easy is it to dordle in that place!  Then the stark reality of owing a "smallish" mazda struck - there was no way everything was going to fit in the car if I wanted the kids to come home with me, so I made a decision about what was the most important part of the makeover and just got two of these:

Micke Desk
The two top front panels are drawers and the large panel to the left is a cupboard with two shelves, and there is a little ledge across that back to hide all your electrical cords etc - it only took me about an hour to put together, going very slowly and carefully so as not to mess it up!  I also got a black chair for Lillian's room and a hot pink one for Isabell.

 I really wanted to get this: 

Micke Workstation
Unfortunately they were out of stock of the add-on so we will have to wait a couple of weeks - the back is a magnetic whiteboard, perfect for little girls pictures etc.

I picked up some plain white sheer curtains and quilt covers and the girls each picked some fabric that they loved:

I had a HUGE cleanout of old toys, bookes etc etc and moved some furniture around, recovered two lamps, made bunting and little throw pillows, recovered a pinboard and added panels to the curtains, although not quite finished yet, I am really pleased with the end result and am totally exhausted. 

We still need to get these to go in their wardrobes:
Trofast Storage Combination
I will share details later in the week!


fairchildstreet said...

Nothing like good storage and a big cleanout. Charmaine

Ashleigh said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the chicken noodle soup! I thought I'd come over to say thanks! I too am in the middle of a kids' room overhaul. Wish me luck with mine!

Nicola said...

Thanks Charmaine & Ashleigh.