Thursday, September 23, 2010


I just wanted to share this:

While I surf the wonderous worldwide web, well maybe not the entire www - just those few blogs that I cannot live without a daily dose of, I am seeing fall/autumn decorations everywhere.  Put simply most are from the other side of the planet where they are easing into the cooler months of the year.  Here, on this side of the planet otherwise known as Austalia, we are dragging ourselves out of the slumber of winter and wishing spring would hurry up and push us into summer!

I am surrounded by blossom and new blooms, roses are budding, the daisies are everywhere and the tiniest of leaves are finding their way out onto the limbs of the bare trees that line our street.  But old man winter is holding his grip on this fair city of Adelaide, while the sun is shining and lulling us into a false sense of security, the temperatures are not playing the game at all!

This morning I eagerly (read reluctantly) dragged myself out of my warm bed, pulled on the layers of suitable clothing and took the little Reggie off on his morning walk through the park I thought to myself, there is more of a nip in the air than there has been this week!  So I pulled out my trusty phone and checked on the weather site and lo and behold it was only 4 degrees C!!!!  OMG!

So even though the weather isn't strictly adhering to "spring" I am not waiting any longer, spring cleaning for me this weekend and time to decorate the house in a more "springy" tone"!

Have a great weekend!

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Mrs C said...

Yip nothing like kicking winter out on its butt! A perfect way to do it with a bit of spring cleaning and flowers dotted around. We have had day after day after day after day of rain.....
So I'm in agreement with you ROLL ON SUMMER
J ;-)