Monday, June 27, 2011


Many years ago I started to blog about my creative outlet - scrapbooking!! As well as life in general for our family.  It seemed like a good way for our families to follow us as we drifted around the country.  But, I got lazy, I started working fulltime and then I even lost my Mojo!  OH NO I hear you scream!

But ...

I think I have it back!!!

Thanks mainly to this awesome and inspiring shop I discovered not far from where I live in Adelaide.  I wandered in there a couple of weeks ago - full of flu and really just wanting to see what new product was out there (not like I need to add to my overflowing stash), but what I got was a big smack on the back of the head!

This shop is so well set out, it is inspiring just wandering around!!!  The staff are soooooo friendly and it was all too too nice!  So I got a few supplies, came home, sat down and scrapped!  First time in almost 2 years!  And I loved it, I really loved it!

The layout may not be perfect and the techiques were a little rusty, but all in all I was pretty happy! I even went back to attend a monthly scrap challenge group and am now busy planning my layouts for that! (will keep you up to date)

So to Mandii & Tracey at Paper Flourish - THANKS!!! Hope to be seeing more of you!

Check it out - just beautiful!

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