Wednesday, August 18, 2010

RC Enduro - Team Kaos

My Darling Husband is very excited, this weekend is the SDMCC Knights Locksmith 6 Hour Team RC Nitro Endurance Race - what a mouthful!

Basically four guys take turns racing their cars  for a total of 6 hours, talk about brain strain!  The team must consist of two Buggey Drivers and two Truggy Drivers - DH is a Truggy Driver.
We are ever hopefull that the terrible weather we have been having down here in Adelaide holds off for the weekend and the event is a huge success!

We have spent the last few evenings designing and making these Team Shirts using a printable ink jet iron on transfer product (Officeworks have several different brands, we went with the cannon product)

I think they have turned out pretty good - don' t you love the name of the team!

So to the guys in Team Kaos - race hard and good luck!

I will have some pics from the weekend next week.

Have a great weekend where ever you may be, whatever you may be doing and whoever you may be with!


Just in case the words Truggy and RC Nitro are foreign to you, this is what a Nitro Truggy looks like;

Truggys all lined up for judging at the South Australian Titles 2009
Off and racing - these remote control cars reach speeds in excess of 40kmh
This is off road RC Nitro - so there are heaps of spectacular jumps, and crashes!

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